Dice Game #10000 known as #Farkle, #Zilch, #Macke


The Game 10000 is a dice game with simple rules for any number of players. It is also known under names such as Farkle, Macke, Keepers, Zilch, Zonk and others.

With this App you will have much fun, because it has features for more excitement, since it enables more scores and explaines them nicely. And, it is absolutely fair, every player has the same chance to earn points.

Like in the real world, you decide, which dice you select and whether you continue dicing with remaining few dice and win (much) more – or lose everything in the round. This is the charm of 10000.  In addition, this app has the feature full house (3 of a kind and 2 of a kind in one throw), so you get more often more points and more often need to confirm and thus have more opportunity for profit. The charm is magnified, when you need to confirm more than once.

This app dices with translucent glass cubes, which are klickable and dispenses with unnecessary frippery.

This app provides outstanding statistics, which i believe, no other game provides.

This app supports any number of parallel players, whereby each player can see the game-state of the other players of the group at every round.

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