Short description of the App pages

Description of the App-pages

The main-page

This page shows Harald  as a User 
   and member of various groups, 
    e.g. as member of group 'world'.
    Currently the group 'GeFam'  is selected.
The Buttons: 
 'play world.777' starts selected game 
 'select games' : shows history of games, and
 'show group' : shows group-members
 'new group' : creates a new group, and   
 'add user' : adds a user to a group.

 This page shows three lists,
  one for the membership in play-groups, 
  one shows  "active players", 
     click to invite for selected game, and  
  the third list shows invitations of other players,
  with a click you join the game

Please try the  3 dots in the upper right corner, 
 you have various choises.

The dice-page

you click dice with value,
  and then click

 button 'roll again'   or
 button *accumulate' - 
 with button 'gather all' 
 you save dice-clicks, if indicated

 you click 'roll again',
 when you need or want more 

 when all dice are used,
 you are forced to confirm,
 means, all dice are rolled again

The ‘new group’ page

you may first check for  
already existent groups

then define your desired one
with a short name

note, you may delete the group,
but rename is not supported yet 

The ‘list games’ page


Here are the already played games 
with the related winners and some
 info like number of null-rounds,
 how many users participated and more

By clickin a row, you enter the related game.

If  the state is play, you have not 
completely played that game and 
still have the chance to win.

If the state is done, you may view the game 

This page has 4 Buttons:
'top/bot': toggles between Start and End of the list
'return': returns, 
*new game* enables a new game
'stats' calls the statistics page , like this

Besides the 'return' Button 
there is an 'abs/rel' Button. 
In the relative view the won value 
 is a percent value and all others are 
 per game.,