First Steps

Create an Account

When you open the App the first time, you are at the Account page to create your account. You enter a short name (e.g. your first name) and your email-address and hit the button | create or use account | – and then you are at the Main-Page to start a game.

The Account page is also entered, when game related data on your smartphone got lost. In that case your account is re-used.

For ease of use, every player will be member of all public play-groups “world*“.

Start a game:

With the |play new game| button you enter a new game, other players may have joined.

With the  |games per Group| button you enter a list of already played games and may try to beat the current winners. 

You may invite active players to join your game, this makes playing real thrilling.


How your account is protected

The device-id of the smartphone is used as a kind of a password. In case of another smartphone the new device-id needs to be confirmed. In that case the App will open a window, where you can request a code being sent per email, which you will send back for approval.