Impressum Eng

Version 1.0.0 // Copyright(c) All Rights reserved

Spiel Design und Implementierung

Harald Gerst
D-71032 Böblingen

Design und Implementierung der Server-Komponente:

Daniel Gerst
D-71123 Altdorf

Disclaimer – Legal Notice


(1) Limitation of Liability

This game was created with the utmost care, also it is maintained with the same care.  However, the provider does not guarantee the accuracy of the points awarded. There is also no claim to completeness and correctness of the game statistics. The user is at his own risk. Despite the utmost care, the loss of game stats  or incorrect values can not be completely ruled out.

This game uses services of an internet server. The provider will endeavor to keep these services as interruption-free as possible. Even with all due care, downtimes can not be completely ruled out. The provider reserves the right to change or discontinue these services at any time.

All points adressed above, apply also for all Products earned by InAppPayment. Any game problems occuring, result not in a right for any reclaim.

(2) Copyright

This game is copyrighted. Any use not permitted by German copyright law requires the prior written consent of the respective author or author. This applies in particular to duplication, processing, translation, storage, processing or reproduction of content in databases or other electronic media and systems.


(3) Protection of privacy

By using the game, the following information is stored on the server:

a) Nick name and email address of the user
b) relevant game data such as number of rounds, number of points     scored, number of zero rounds

c) the device ID of the smartphone is used as a kind of password. When changing phones, the new device ID must be confirmed. For this purpose, the user gets an email with confirmation code sent. That’s the only reason why the player’s email address is needed.

These data are only applied or evaluated when requested by the user. A transfer to third parties, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, does not take place.The provider expressly points out that data transmission on the Internet has security gaps and can not be completely protected against access by third parties.

After a long time (around a year) the account with all related data will be deleted automatically.

The use of the contact details of the provider’s mark for commercial advertising is expressly not desired, unless the provider had previously given his written consent or there is already a business contact. The provider hereby objects to any commercial use and disclosure of their game data.

(4) Law Applicable

It is only the relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(5) Special Terms of Use