User Guide

Playing a game:

With the |play new game| button you open the game-page and the six dice are automatically rolled. The app shows the value of your throw and you decide what you want to take by touching the dice. The button |gather all| is only for convenience. Depending on your selection and your willing for risk you click button |roll again| or button |bank|. If you have less than 300 Points, you will roll again, if you have more, you may always roll again, but with increasing risk. Once you got nothing to score, you have a null-round (farkle). – With bank you save what you have and advance to the next round.  However, if all the dice were used (hot dice), you have to confirm, means, all six dice are automatically rolled again  and you need to get at least one value, otherwise you have a null-round. Again, you can roll as long as you score a value. When you are lucky enough, you may need to confirm multiple times. 

The game is over, when you reach the game-goal (10000) or when you reach the laps of the current winner. The winner is the one, who reaches the goal  with the smallest number of laps.

The result of every game is kept and outstanding statistics are provided. 

With the button |Games per Group| you reach the list of already played games. You may click any row to enter the related game. If the status is “done”, you would view the game, else you will be a new player of the game and may become the new winner and earn many points. 

With the button |manage Groups| you may select a group and also create  new ones, button |Games per Group| reflects your selection. Clicking button |play new game| always selects the latest world group. Note, the world groups are numbered and always after 999 games a new world group is needed and provided. 

The detailed statistics are per group, but you points are overall.

Handling of the play-groups

In addition to the public “world” groups, you may create your own private groups using the |new group| button. The one who creates a group, will be the admin of it and may add and remove other players using the |add user| button. To add another player you just need the corresponding e-mail address. When you play, a group must be selected.The |show group| button shows the members of a group.